The ideal place to live in Ireland is determined by what you expect for as an expat in Ireland. If you’ll operate in Ireland and therefore are moving there for a particular job, the choices are a bit more clear cut.

But in case you’ve got a more flexible strategy, like becoming a retiree who won’t be operating, of course there are more choices out there.

Since it completely Depends upon your situation, these places are in no Specific order:


Expats in Dublin reside in a few of the fantastic foreign cities of Ireland. As you might expect, the price of living in Dublin is pricey compared with a number of other regions in Ireland, but it is still more affordable than other people, for example London and New York.

One of the very knowledgeable expats in our Ireland network composed:”young, educated, employed, and seeking night life?

Outside Dublin

Some expats from the Dublin region, like households and people looking for a slightly slower pace of life, elect for the suburbs beyond town. As mentioned in our article concerning The expats at Dublin Suburbs have a great deal of alternatives from which to pick.


The job prospects in Galway and County Galway generally are excellent for anybody who will procure a visa, as a high number of technology companies have a presence . Apple will likely construct a huge data centre in Athenry, a city in County Galway. For those looking for a cultural centre with a great deal of arts and music, you are also going to be joyful in Galway!

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The town of Cork in County Cork is another town that is smaller compared to Dublin but additionally has pharmaceutical and engineering projects, amongst others. While less bustling or as global as Dublin, there’s still no lack of nightlife and cultural chances .


Expats at Kinsale also Reside in County Cork. It’s a popular tourist destination and is precisely what people all over the world envision when they imagine a quaint town on the Irish shore. It’s a 30 minute drive with traffic to Cork City.


While extremely popular in the summertime, this is often mentioned as not only a wonderful place to see, but also a wonderful place to reside.


Situated at the heart of Kenmare Bay at County Kerry, Kenmare is at the southwest of Ireland.


One of the more knowledgeable expat on our Ireland network wrote that”People with households may pertain to urban areas out Dublin, or more compact towns such as Cork, Waterford, or Galway. Services are all excellent. Being an island, there is always areas to research not far away, across the shore wherever you reside. Catch the dog, the children, a camera, and a picnic basket, and also make some memories, in the same way the natives do.

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Killarney is located at County Kerry at the southwest of Ireland. Although most other people on our record are situated on the shore, Killarney is situated on the northeast coast of Lough Leane, the biggest of three lakes in Killarney.

Killarney won the award for that the ideal afternoon in Ireland. Enough said.


Limerick is a town in County Limerick, also can be situated on the River Shannon at the West of Ireland. It is considerably more compact compared to Dublin, also has a lot of restaurants, music and arts, and near many other fantastic cities in the west, including Cork and Galway. There are lots of foreign companies in commuting distance from Limerick, including GE Capital, Veritas Software, Ingersoll Rand, Intel and much more.